Additions onto and inclusions in the clay body are an important part of my work. Not only inspired by the places I'm in, but containing elements of those places.

Foraging for wild clays and minerals whilst out with the dog, using peaty soil from the garden, ash from the woodburner, there are amazing resources all around.
Dartmoor Series :Teign Gorge Jar,  terra cotta with clays from the Teign River on the shoulder and feldspars incorporated in the clay body, approx 45cm ht
interesting muds...
 Dartmoor Series : Kestor Jar, small piece in black clay with feldspar and sandy clay additions, approx 20 cms ht

Some of the work on this page is no longer available, but here as an idea of what I do, for sales enquiries please email
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Dartmoor Series  : Rivers Jar, Clays from the Teign, Erme and Walkham Rivers with feldspars and growan inclusions, approx 50cms ht
Large open necked vessel, black clay with band of Meeth and feldspar inclusions, approx 110cms ht
Columns decorated with slips, splashes, wire and incisions....pots with energy
Dartmoor Series columns, 15-85 cms ht.
Inspired by the work of Phoebe Cummings, this wonderful architectural swag was made by young people as a part of an air-drying clay workshop. Somewhere there is a snail and a worm, but I drew the line at dinosaurs....  
More special workshops, left, assisting Tim Andrews raku firing during my residency at Coombe Farm Studios

Right, a team building session, very lighthearted, 'making a setting for a community'.

I can run workshops for small groups in my wonderful Dartmoor studio, or on site where required, email for details.
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Demonstrating at Widecombe Fair, a great position on the village green, such a windy day, I was afraid the gazebo would fly.

Smoke firing outside my studio on a beautiful autumn morning, part of my regular Friday clay group activities, email for details 
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